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Retail Price: $ 810.00
Our Price: $468.00
Origination Fee: $50.00
Monthly Lease: $39/month for only 12 months!
Monthly Damage Protection: $3.00

Comes with mouthpiece & cap, ligature, neck strap, cleaning swab, polishing cloth, cork grease, #2 1/2 Vandoren reed, durable hard case

It's easy to Lease a Clarinet through our 12-month lease to own program. Simply fill out this online form and you're on your way!

The B-flat Clarinet is a standard member of both orchestras and bands. It has a 3 1/2-octave range with its lower register as rich as its top register is brilliant. The clarinet produces a fluid sound when air is blown between a single reed and the mouthpiece. By pressing metal keys with the fingers of both hands, the player has the ability to play many different notes very quickly.

Our clarinets are made from ABS resin in a matte finish with an appearance and sound similar to that of genuine granadilla wood. These models are lightweight, strong and easy to clean – perfect for even very young players. The clarinet has a nickel silver bell ring, .577" bore, undercut tone holes, forged nickel plated nickel-silver keys, A442 tuning and comes with an injection molded French style case with draw bolt latches. The thumb rest is adjustable up or down to better fit hand size and finger length. A neck strap is also included to lessen the weight on the player’s thumb while promoting the correct hand and finger positioning, embouchure and posture.

The 12-Month Lease-to-Own Plan
  • ALL instruments are new at the beginning of your lease
  • One twelfth of the price of the instrument is automatically deducted from your credit card each month. After 12 payments you own the instrument that you are leasing.
  • You can cancel at any time simply by returning the instrument with no further obligation.
  • Origination fee* and damage protection** do not apply toward the purchase of the instrument.
  • You can avoid the origination fee by purchasing the instrument outright.
  • String Season offers a discount of up to 45% off of the regular retail price for all instruments.
  • For specific information on Pricing, Brand and Model please email and we will respond with a full description.
A one-time origination fee of $50 will be charged along with your first month's lease payment. This covers instrument set-up, lease set-up and financing. For participants in the Children's Music Workshop program, String Season will drop-off your instrument at your child's school prior to the beginning of the program. The origination fee is non-refundable.

Enter the number of Jupiter Clarinets being leased

Damage Protection :
You may choose to purchase damage protection for an additional $3/month. This covers any repair of damage which may occur to your instrument during the lease period, except for that which is determined by String Season to be caused by blatant negligence. Theft or loss of the instrument is not covered under damage protection. Damage protection is non-refundable.

Damage Protection Plan (additional $3/mo) Accept   Decline

 Folding Music Stand  -  Retail Price: $25   Our Price: $14.99 Quantity:

RICO Reeds
 Clarinet #2 Reeds (10 Box)  -  Retail Price: $28.00   Our Price: $14.99 Quantity:
 Clarinet #2.5 Reeds (10 Box)  -  Retail Price: $28.00   Our Price: $14.99 Quantity:
 Clarinet #2 Reeds (3 Pak)  -  Retail Price: $8.50   Our Price: $4.49 Quantity:
 Clarinet #2.5 Reeds (3 Pak)  -  Retail Price: $8.50   Our Price: $4.49 Quantity:

RICO Ligature
 Clarinet Ligature  -  Retail Price: $7.75   Our Price: $3.99 Quantity:

LaVoz Mouthpiece
 Clarinet Mouthpiece  -  Retail Price: $26.00   Our Price: $12.99 Quantity:

 Care Kit - incl. clarinet swab, mouthpiece brush, cork grease, fingering chart, tuning/instruction CD, practice record sheet, and more
 Clarinet Care Kit  -  $18.95 Quantity:

When leasing a Clarinet from us you will be charged a discounted flat-rate shipping fee of $25 that covers the shipment of the instrument to you. All instruments will be shipped to the address you provide via insured UPS or FedEx Ground.

There are other shipping options available with varying costs. Please contact us if you need to discuss. AK and HI shipping are a bit higher than the amount shown above. We will contact you with specifics.

If you are a member of CHILDRENS MUSIC WORKSHOP please READ CAREFULLY in order to receive free Delivery of your instrument. If you are a member of CHILDREN'S MUSIC WORKSHOP we will deliver your instrument to your school prior to the first lesson of the season FREE OF CHARGE. Please enter a "1" in the box to receive your shipping credit. For example, if you are ordering one instrument, simply enter the number 1 in this box.


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