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Model 673BN

Comes with mouthpiece and cap, ligature, neck strap, cleaning swab, polishing cloth, cork grease, #2 1/2 Vandoren reed, durable hard case.

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Retail Price: $ 2,075.00
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The Bass Clarinet was invented in the second half of the Eighteenth Century, and was originally used only in orchestras. By the 1920s, the bass clarinet was being used in bands, but usually doubled other parts or substituted when other bass-voiced instruments were unavailable. The Bass Clarinet is a larger and lower sounding relative of the clarinet and like the clarinet, it is a single-reed instrument made of wood or plastic. It is very heavy, so there is a floor peg attached to the clarinet body that supports the instrument by touching the floor.

Our Bb bass clarinets are made of an ABS rosin body and forged nickel-silver keys. This construction method produces a high quality of sound and playability, while maintaining the price of an intermediate level instrument. Our bass clarinets feature an adjustable floor peg, low Eb on the bell and come in a one-section case which can accommodate the assembled two-piece body section.

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