Comes with padded bag,
bow and rosin

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Retail Price: $ 1,325.00
Our Price: $720.00
It's easy to Purchase a Cello Outfit. Simply choose your instrument size, select any accessories you want, and you're on your way!

The Cello is one of the bass voices of the stringed instrument family which includes the violin, viola, cello and double bass. (The double bass is the lowest-pitched instrument of the orchestra, sounding an octave in pitch lower than the cello.) The cello's proportions resemble those of the violin, except players hold its body between their legs and its weight is supported by an endpin that touches the floor. It has four strings, tuned an octave below those of the viola. The cello has a warm and rich "singing" quality of tone which is said to most resemble the human voice.

All of our Eastman student cellos are shop adjusted for consistency and easy playability. Eastman's commitment to Old World hand-craftsmanship and quality is present in these entry level cellos. Our Eastman cello outfits have received praise from the most exacting critics of all: school teachers and private studio teachers. All String Season stringed instruments are set-up to meet or exceed MENC specifications using ebony pegs and fingerboards, fitted European maple bridges, Wittner tailpieces with four fine-tuners, and quality D'Addario Prelude steel strings. Our cellos are hand-crafted and include a heavy-duty padded nylon gig bag, a K. Holtz fiberglass bow with genuine horsehair and rosin. Our Eastman cellos offer an unparalleled quality of sound and playability, while maintaining the price of an entry level instrument.

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Cellos are available in 5 sizes: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4 (full size)
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 Folding Music Stand  -  Retail Price: $25   Our Price: $14.99 Quantity:

 Care Kit - incl. rosin, fingering markers, polish, endpin floor protector, tuning/instruction CD, practice record sheet, and more
 Cello Care Kit  -  $18.95 Quantity:

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