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The Clarinéo is a beginner's instrument with a professional sound, designed to make playing a serious woodwind instrument easier than ever before.

Modern materials and technology have reduced the weight so that even a 6-year-old child can play comfortably. These benefits are not at the expense of tone or tuning. For decades elementary schools have taught our children the rudiments of music on the recorder. This has proven to be an incredible success, but the transition from recorder to band class has never been addressed with a real wind instrument that 6 to 10 year olds can play.

The Clarinéo bridges this critical stage in music education. It is a real instrument, fully chromatic with a band quality sound and the only instrument in the world that can truly prepare a young child for the clarinet, saxophone and other woodwind instruments.

Being in the key of 'C', the Clarinéo is a general music instrument, it can be played easily alongside the piano, guitar or other non-band instruments and sounds incredible, it really has to be heard to be believed. Although designed for children, sized for children and taught to children, the Clarinéo is a serious instrument that is being used by adult players and even professionals all around the world.
  • 9oz (252g)
  • Right-Hand holes small enough for small fingers
  • Pinky keys within reach of small fingers
  • Range: E below middle C to 3.5 octaves above. Covers the range of flute, violin, recorder, oboe, and all treble clef vocal music.
  • Fully chromatic: every note in its range is fully fingered using basic Boehm system fingering. Pitched in C.
  • Three-piece assembly: body, mouthpiece and bell. No corks to wear out, o-rings connect mouthpiece to body and bell attaches via a 'bayonet' snap fit.

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