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Model 752L

Comes with mouthpiece, rotor oil, polishing cloth, durable hard case.

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The French Horn was developed around 1650 in France and is a larger version of the small crescent-shaped horns that had been redesigned with circularly coiled tubing. Over the following decades, "hand-stopping" techniques along with additional lengths of tubing "crooks" were necessary for playing in many keys. (Modern players use hand-stopping to affect intonation and tone color.) The invention of valves in the early 19th century revolutionized the French Horn, allowing the player to alter the length of the tubing by the motion of a finger. The modern F horn has 3 valves, circular coils of narrow tubing flaring at the one end to a wide bell, and a funnel-shaped mouthpiece that accounts for the horn's soft, mellow tone.

Our single F French Horns are made with a lacquered brass body and come equipped with a rose brass mouthpiece and case. Mechanical features include tapered rotary valves, nickel-sleeved outer tuning slides, a .472" bore and 11.9" bell.

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