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Model 355

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The Oboe is similar to the clarinet in many ways. Both are made from wood and have metal keys that can produce many notes rapidly. Unlike the clarinet, the oboe does not have a mouthpiece, but has two reeds tied together. By placing them between one's lips and blowing air through them, the reeds vibrate together and produce a sound. The oboe has a very straight sound and a tone which is quite poor in harmonics; therefore, an orchestra can easily tune to its pitch. Setting the pitch of the oboe is not achieved by changing the position of the reed in the instrument, but by altering the scrape of the reed itself. (Most advanced oboists make their own reeds starting with the raw cane!) Subtle changes in pitch are also possible by adjusting their embouchure.

Our intermediate level oboes have a plastic body and silver-plated keys. They come equipped with left and right hand C/D trill keys, adjustable F#/G# articulation, low Bb key and a molded case.

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